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The X-15 was a NASA experimental rocket powered aircraft (launched from a parent B-52) that could reach the Karman line. Questions should be related to its upper atmosphere operations. Questions about its function as an aircraft should be asked on Aviation.SE

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Which X-15 and SpaceShipOne flights took Coriolis forces into account on their flight path?

I wonder whether those X-15 and SpaceShipOne flights that reached space took into account the rotational Coriolis forces, so that they wouldn't reenter above a location where it would be too far from ...
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What was the point of the Redstone rocket when there was the X-15 rocketplane?

Just a curiousity question, so don't get me wrong for I very much admire and have high respect towards the entire Mercury project, Alan Shepard (the first American in space, a national hero) and Gus ...
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Could the $C_L$ of the X-15 be calculated from the flight data near the Kármán line altitude?

The "lift coefficient" $C_L$ can be very different for one specific aircraft at different speeds. According to this article from NASA about the lift coefficient: So it is completely incorrect to ...
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How did the X-15 control attitude above the Kármán line?

This interesting, archived page which I found in this answer, says: In the early 1960´s, the U.S. X-15 Aircraft ...
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Reasons why liquid anhydrous ammonia fuel chosen for the X-15? Has it been used in other rocket engines?

Both Flight 90 and Flight 91 of the North American X-15 crossed the Kármán line, reaching altitudes of 106.01 and 107.96 km respectively. Both flights were piloted by Joseph A. Walker, who became in ...
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Why did the X-15 not achieve orbit?

The X-15 has a maximum velocity of 7.274 km/s. As the velocity to achieve orbit is 8 km/s, why did they not fly horizontal/diagonal until they achieved around 7km/s and then go vertical to get to ...
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Was the X-15 program a dead end for orbital insertion?

That's B-70 Valkyrie carrying the X-15. What private space is trying to accomplish, was done in the 60's. In fact, The X-15 remains the fastest and highest flying manned aircraft ever flown. What ...
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