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Is post-X-prize Beresheet better than the X-prize candidate?

As mentioned in this question the total budget of the Lunar X-prize was about US \$30 million, and that included some other prizes beside the winner. However the budget of Beresheet post-X-prize ...
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Could the Lunar X-Prize have been won by the Tesla Roadster that was the Falcon Heavy test payload?

The Lunar X-Prize winning condition was "landing a robot on the surface of the Moon, traveling 500 meters over the lunar surface, and sending images and data back to the Earth." The Falcon Heavy test ...
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Would the lunar rovers work (again) today? What would be needed? [duplicate]

3 Apollo missions brought their lunar rovers (Lunar Roving Vehicle) LRV with them, and they remained on the moon. Some of them have broken parts, and their batteries seem to be emtpy, according to ...
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How might the Lunar X Prize contestant spacecraft have navigated their descent from orbit, to landing?

EDIT: Please note the following items: The Mission Requirements for claiming the Grand or Second Place Prize include the following: Landing – A team must land its craft on the surface of the Moon ...
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How will the Falcon 9 carry the lunar xprize rovers to the moon?

The Astrobotic team announced a while ago that they will launch their rovers on top of a Falcon 9. As I know the Saturn V rocket had a third-stage, which was used to redirect the spacecraft from Earth'...
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How realistic are robot races on the moon this decade (circa 2015)?

My local paper has an article suggesting a possible event with several robotic rovers leaving the same lander on the moon and trying to drive off for 500 meters (about a 1/3 of a mile) as fast as they ...
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