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Questions regarding the unmanned Yutu lunar rover, part of China's Chang'e 3 mission to the Moon, launched 1 December 2013.

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Did Chang'e-3 and/or Yutu report getting hit by the Earth's magnetotail?

potentially helpful: Where can I find access to information provided by CNSA and Chinese scientists and reputable science authors? @DavidHammen's answer to If a solar flare happened during a total ...
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Why are there so few lunar rovers?

I'm a big fan of Curiosity and Opportunity, the Martian rovers. The science is over my head, but the images they've captured are mesmerizing. It seems unusual to me that we have two active Martian ...
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Besides mechanical failure, what other systems have failed/deteriorated on Yutu?

Yutu was ferried to Luna by way of Chang`e in December 2013 The Wikipedia article on the mission writes to say the mission duration for the lander, and rover were as follows. Lander: 1 Year Rover: 3 ...
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What does the Yutu rover need to do to prepare for night?

Twitter is abuzz with rumors of the Yutu rover being dead. This article mentions that it might not have been able to prepare for night properly: More details are available from the unofficial ...
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What is the significance of the name "Jade rabbit"?

On Saturday (December 14, 2013), the first soft landing on the Moon since 1976 occurred. The rover is named "Jade rabbit", what is the significance of that name?
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