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Chinese lander + rover on Mars. For questions about the entire mission including the Mars orbiter use the tianwen-1 tag.

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Long lived solar powered rovers without radioisotope heater units (like Zhurong), for use beyond Mars

The Yutu rovers use RHUs to stay warm and survive the two week long lunar nights, every other rover uses nuclear material as well (except Sojourner), but the Zhurong rover uses a novel storage-heating ...
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What are the maximum data capacities of the active rovers on Mars?

Many rovers have been sent to Mars and, as now, some are still working there. Does anyone know the maximum data capacity of each active rover? Curiosity Perseverance Zhurong
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Is NASA's Deep Space Network possibly a backup link for China's Zhurong rover?

While the Tianwen-1 orbiter will dispense commands to the Zhurong rover, the Mars Express orbiter of the European Space Agency will serve as a backup. Wikipedia Since Mars Express normally ...
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What CPU does China's Zhurong rover use?

The Curiosity and Perseverance rovers, and the InSight lander, all use the BAE RAD750 processor. The Ingenuity helicopter uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. The only other active spacecraft on ...
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What's the exact location (lat/lon) of Zhurong?

Thus far, CSNA has announced the landing location as 109.7 E, 25.1 N. On Mars, 0.1 degree is about five km. Most Mars landers/rovers have been found in orbital imagery, and their lat/lon measured ...
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How were the ramps for the Zhurong rover stowed on the lander for flight?

This picture shows a lander-eye-view of the ramps. This rendering shows a side view. How did the ramp deployment mechanism work, and what did the ramps look like while stowed? There's rendered video ...
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Is there any official Chinese website where we can follow the actions of the Zhurong rover?

Zhurong, China's first Mars rover, soft landed on Utopia Planitia on May 14, 2021. Coordinates of the landing site are: 25.1⁰ N 109.7⁰ E The planned operational lifetime is only 90 sols. (Why should ...
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Why is it so cold in the nighttime (-130 C at 25.1 degree North) at the location where the Chinese rover landed on Mars?

Jia Yang, a Chinese engineer, announced that the Zhurong rover rolled cautiously, about 10 m in 3 days. One reason for this slow progress is the temperature that drops to -130 C and freezes the carbon ...
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What are these details on (renderings of) the Zhurong rover's wheels?

Looking at some renderings of the CNSA Zhurong rover I noticed some curious (pun intended) details on the wheels: This Newsy Today article: In this The Conversation article: seen in some clips of ...
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