The initial Lunar orbit was roughly 100x300 km, with the further point being at the far side. From the [mission transcripts][1], we learn of a request to photograph the Moon at the terminator, at the far side (Because there was no communication with Earth) Using [this simple calculator][2], I find that only 7% of the Moon's surface would have been visible at 300 km. The full map of the Far Side can be seen below:

[![enter image description here][3]][3]

Lastly, I've found that 10:30 is supposed to be the direction of Lunar north in the image.

A few things stick out to me. First of all, I believe the entire image is not the far side. In fact, I believe the left most edge is actually the Near Side, as the far side doesn't have many mares, and the line between the two is near perfect. In any case, I can't see the exact spot this photograph was taken from, but it seems likely from everything I've found it was taken at 300 km, and is only a small part of the far side of the Moon.