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Questions about imagery devices on spacecraft and probes.

The Apollo missions 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 were equiped with Lunar Surface Hasselblad Data Camera for each of the astronauts during their Moon walk. These cameras were equipped with a 60 mm lens … . The missions 14, 15, 16 and 17 used a third camera equipped with a 500 mm lens. See this Apollo Image Libraries. Magazines used with the 500 mm lens are listed as such. So we have 12 cameras with a …
answered Jan 11 by Uwe
Hasselblad cameras and the film magazines used on the moon had a silver paint finish to minimize heat up by sun light. The cameras were not filled with a gas, that reduced heat transfer from camera surface …
answered Oct 24 '18 by Uwe
I fear there is not much room left for substantial improvements of the resolution of L'LORRI. Optical limits for angular resolution of such a camera did not change during these 15 years. Weight … limits are still very narrow. Increasing the image sensor pixel count only would very slightly increase the weight of the camera, but does not change the maximal angular resolution of the telescope. The …
answered Dec 4 '18 by Uwe
imaged by this star camera in a short time. The LORRI camera used for the many excellent pictures of Kuiper belt objects has a very small field of view: 0.29 degrees and needs long exposure times of 1 …
answered Jan 3 by Uwe
Here is an image of the Apollo 9 multispectral camera mounted to the hatch window. It was used in Earth orbit: Image from this pdf. A color image of the array from this NASA page: Note the … different color labels in green, red, brown and black. An front side image of the Apollo 12 camera array was provided by Organic Marble, so I concentrate on the filter and the film. The 87C filter is …
answered Aug 21 by Uwe