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Questions regarding the amount of money required to perform or sustain space exploration.

Carrying Cargo to ISS- 296 kg lifted, about \$80,000/kg gives \$23.68 million. Cost for Astronaut to reach ISS: \$81 million There are about 9 EVAs/year, always done in pairs. Assume half use the … American suits. The cost per EVA per person is then about \$1.5 million. The far larger cost is in getting the astronaut to the ISS to take said spacewalk! …
answered Oct 13 '16 by PearsonArtPhoto
around a rocket as quickly as you make them, and doesn't add a lot of up front cost. It would cost quite a bit if you excersized the option, but if you need it, then it's available. Next would be to … items happened, it would add considerably to the cost. Finally, you could have a fully fueled rocket on the launch pad, ready to go. This would cost quite a bit extra. For the Space Shuttle, a scrub …
answered Aug 26 '15 by PearsonArtPhoto
The cost depends on the rocket, and on the percent capacity of said rocket, but here's a few numbers for you, cost in U.S. dollars/kg to LEO (Wikipedia*). It should be noted that not all rocket … prices are publicly available, in fact, most aren't. Falcon Heavy: \$2200 Falcon 9 v 1.1- \$4,109 DNEPR- \$3,784 Ariane 5- \$10,476 Delta IV- \$13,072 Atlas V- \$13,182 * Cost per kg to LEO column …
answered Sep 16 '13 by PearsonArtPhoto
There are definite cost savings when launching multiple satellites. A company I am familiar with launched many communication satellites. Using a common design saved engineering costs, some labor … (Things got faster with time, and less down time for experts), software, and even testing (Some satellites were more heavily tested, reducing the cost). You are absolutely right, more probes would be less …
answered Aug 7 '15 by PearsonArtPhoto
for the cost of things, NASA provides expertise, and the commercial partner provides data in return. In your case, you probably want to actually launch a dedicated satellite mission to test out the … hardware. There are virtually no items that can't be tested on the ground or on a stand alone satellite first. Depending on the size of your payload, it could cost $60 million to launch, or more. If …
answered Jul 15 '16 by PearsonArtPhoto
Most missions to other planets, in particular Mars and Venus, use Hohmann transfer orbits, or something akin to it. The perfect Hohmann transfer orbit has an instantaneous point of time where it needs …
answered Oct 2 '13 by PearsonArtPhoto
Any lawmaker involved in writing a bill is entitled to change the bill in any way he or she sees fit. That change alone cannot be enacted by that single representative, but must be voted on by the ent …
answered Jan 5 '16 by PearsonArtPhoto
Has anyone outside of the Mars One foundation done an independent evaluation that concept in terms of the following heads? Initial Cost Ongoing Cost Technical feasibility? …
asked Nov 18 '13 by PearsonArtPhoto
Essentially each country who has agreed to send such spacecraft wants to build their own spacecraft. This is most noted in US/ Russian, but is to a lesser extend to European/ Japanese partners. Breaki …
answered Aug 10 '15 by PearsonArtPhoto
calculations. Let's assume reusability is done heavily, reducing the cost per launch to, say, \$12 million, less than 20% of the actual cost. That comes to about \$1 million per satellite launched for … the launch cost. As for the satellites themselves, I suspect that with that many satellites being produced, they could do it for around \$1 million per satellite, possibly even lower cost as time …
answered Feb 27 '17 by PearsonArtPhoto
Okay, this is misleading. They received beyond their normal salary the government Per Diem, which amounts to $8/ day. Also, this was reduced somewhat because they didn't need to pay for their sleeping …
answered Jul 8 by PearsonArtPhoto
in funds is responsible for fewer missions, or if it's that the current missions cost more (Or something else, as of yet to be determined). …
asked Aug 27 '15 by PearsonArtPhoto
to estimate the actual cost per employee, including benefits, places to work, etc. From that, I'm going to guess the average salary is about \$90K/employee. That means the rough cost of an employee is … more like \$180K. Thus, the costs associated with labor are about \$720 million per year. The raw goods are primarily aerospace grade aluminum. The cost is roughly \$1/pound. Much of it is also …
answered Sep 14 '16 by PearsonArtPhoto
Here's a list from Wikipedia: Atlas V In 2006, ULA offered an Atlas V HLV (Heavy Lift Vehicle) option that would use three Common Core Booster (CCB) stages strapped together to lift a 29,400 kg (64 …
answered Mar 7 '14 by PearsonArtPhoto
SpaceX has a plan to launch up to 4K satellites to provide global Internet access. Is there a reasonable estimate of how much this constellation would cost to launch? Also, as the minimum number of satellites to start the service is 800, what is that cost? …
asked Feb 27 '17 by PearsonArtPhoto

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