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Saturn V's external blueprints

Had a bit of a gander at what NASA Technical Report Server and Semantic Scholar had to offer and found a couple things that I reckon might be helpful. NASA created a 1/10 scale model of the Saturn V ...
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Saturn V's external blueprints

There's a more detailed profile drawing available for download at the bottom of this Heroic Relics page. Here's a representative slice: It used to be possible to get an inexpensive print of a cleaned-...
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Is radiation dose from cosmic rays higher behind 50 cm of shielding, or lower?

Those two graphs are not showing the same thing. The lecture slide is misleadingly labeled, but the original paper makes clear that the table is only showing neutrons, mostly produced by shield ...
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3D modeling software for zero gravity

Update (10/27/2020): 3D Modeling Programs: SolidWorks - Used almost universally for quick spacecraft design and development. Commonly used for SmallSat/CubeSat development, however for higher ...
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3D Model of radiation in earth orbit?

The level of detail you seem to want probably requires the use numerical radiation software. I would recommend the free SPENVIS package made available by the European Space Agency or SRIM software. ...
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3D modelling of satellites around the earth

Maybe Systems Tool Kit could be helpful: It's a powerful tool, and there is also the possibility to have a free license, although it does not include ...
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How to calculate catalyst bed geometry (length/radius) for a monopropellant thruster?

Partial answer - First equation: As A McKelvy states in a comment, using Ru to be the universal gas constant of 8.314 J / mol-K will get you the answer given in the paper. Second equation: Given the ...
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3D modelling of satellites around the earth

SaVi runs under Windows. It can be run under the Windows Linux Subsystem, under Cygwin, or under VirtualBox. And how to get it running is fully documented. See ...
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How to obtain 3d data from MER Spirit "Planetary Data System" products/files?

The xyz file is in the format "PDS image data" according to the file command; GDAL may understand it. We can rule out ...
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