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What are the parameters of the Voyager high-gain antenna?

tl;dr: From Fig. 3.14 below: Focal Point of "Best Fit" Parabola = 48.671 in. (123.62 cm) Focal Length of "Best Fit" Parabola = 48.626 in. (123.51 cm) And: "The antennas ...
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Starlink Dishy parameters and satellite recognition

This is an answer to the question Is there any way for me to know which satellite my Starlink dish is communicating with moment-to-moment? I took a close look at the information available under &...
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What are the parameters of the Voyager high-gain antenna?

The most detailed Voyager general arrangement drawing we have is this one. (huge drawing which I won't add as an image here) and we know the gain, from Descanso 4: S-band gain is approximately 36 dBi;...
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Geo satellite - antenna gain contours to heat map in STK

I know of one way to (almost) do it, but it's clunky and annoying, so you may do better to just plot a hundred contour lines (the maximum allowed) and fill in the colors between them with an image ...
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