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Has Skyfield or any other SGP4-capable open-source Python package yet wrapped/implemented the new, improved SGP4 (version 8+)?

The new SGP4 library comes with a Python wrapper in the same zip archive file (also Java, Matlab, and Visual Basic, and documentation for the C API), but it's not at all idiomatically Pythonic, since ...
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Is there any way to predict if the ISS will lose its signal or to know it directly?

The most common cause of loss of video feed from the ISS is due to a TDRS handover. See this map below. Note the large regions enclosed in light blue, green, and yellow. Those define the boundaries ...
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GMAT Python API No Convergence

Update - Found the solution in a roundabout way. Using a report file, you can report the value of 'GetConvergence'. Then from the Python API you can read this value and use it to flag whether or not ...
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Is there an API for accessing old TLEs of non-historic objects?

There is which provides you with pretty much all publicly available TLEs since the beginning. You have to register with an email address and ...
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