NASA's Apollo program was a 17-mission program that focused on landing a human on the lunar surface. The program was the third human spaceflight by NASA, after Mercury and Gemini.

The Apollo program was a mission that was born thanks to the famous John F. Kennedy speech that declared that NASA will put a human on the Moon by the end of the 1960-1970 decade. The program was started in 1961 and ended in 1975.

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Basic needed knowledge of all the important Apollo missions:

  • Apollo 1 was the mission where three astronauts died from a fire in a pure-oxygen environment
  • Apollo 7 demonstrated the capability of Apollo vehicles and spacecraft, was the first manned mission
  • Apollo 8 was the first manned mission to the moon, orbited the moon and took pictures of the lunar surface
  • Apollo 9 tested the Lunar Module (LM)
  • Apollo 10 exhibited a lunar orbit
  • Apollo 11 was the first Apollo mission to land on the moon, landed in Sea of Tranquility
  • Apollo 12 landed on the moon, known for launching during a storm and producing two lightning bolts during flight, landed in Ocean of Storms
  • Apollo 13 is notoriously known for the oxygen tank rupture mid-flight, orbited the moon, tied to the quote "Failure is not an option"
  • Apollo 14 landed on the moon, landed in Fra Mauro
  • Apollo 15 landed on the moon, landed in Hadley Rille
  • Apollo 16 landed on the moon, landed in Descartes
  • Apollo 17 landed on the moon, known for successfully recording Lunar Module (LM) ascent, landed in Taurus-Littrow

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