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Puzzler: Precisely what maximum distance from the Earth did the Apollo 13 astronauts achieve?

The Wikipedia article on Apollo 13 disagrees with itself. In the main text of the article it says: At pericynthion, Apollo 13 set the record (per the Guinness Book of World Records), which still ...
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Media coverage of Artemis vs Apollo

I think you just missed the earlier launches because of the time of day. Here is the live CBS coverage of the Apollo 4 launch: . You have to keep in mind how much less ...
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What is the point of the Artemis program when we had Apollo?

Apollo landing sites did not include some interesting places at poles and another side of the Moon where it may be caves suitable for colonization and also some water ice. Such places are more ...
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Are Artemis missions launched into a free return trajectory like the Apollo program?

The Apollo program spacecrafts were put on a free return trajectory after during the TLI maneuver. Not after Apollo 11. The only Apollo missions that were launched into a free return trajectory (I'm ...
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Apollo 15: when did the astronauts manually move the LRV?

I ended up getting in touch with the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal folks. Of all the events happening near the ALSEP site, the one that best matches this description is when they try to park the LRV ...
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What is known about the trajectory of J002E3 (Saturn V IV-B stage of Apollo 12)?

Having researched this on and off since asking, my conclusion is: "not that much is known". The object was discovered on Sept. 3, 2002 by amateur astronomer Bill Yeung. The Paul Chodas from ...
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