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Why is there no difference between a transfer orbit delta-V and a capture orbit delta-V for Earth?

To begin with, you are correct that the perspective of the map is from the Earth's point of view. I also believe that a different map would be needed for people interested in traveling from Mars to ...
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How feasible is dragging a 1 km asteroid into Mars orbit? (For All Mankind Spoiler Alert)

These are some of my thoughts. Feel free to correct me! There's almost no chance of perturbing a Jupiter Trojan into an Mars crossing orbit. That requires a Jupiter-Mars transfer orbit (delta-V ~ 2.7 ...
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Integration of Varying Forces, Impulses in Simulators

Now I'm using an RK4 integrator, (1st case) we assume that the forces are uniform all throughout one integration time step. (is this correct?) That is not correct. The point of using a multiple stage ...
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