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Why does the BE-4 use methane as fuel?

Reusability is the big factor. Kerosene engines have issues with "coking", where solid carbon is deposited throughout the engine's pipes. (See this dissertation and its supporting research for more ...
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Why does the BE-4 use methane as fuel?

Let's look at Wikipedia for possible liquid rocket fuels. The key item is the Exhaust Velocity. Let's remove any that could be toxic, so no Beryllium, Florine, or Boron, despite the fact that each ...
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What materials can withstand corrosive oxygen-rich hot-gas environments inside rocket engines?

Googled and found that the alloys mentioned below are available for purchase in Russia.... For example "Steel 12Х18НЮТ" - 195 000 rubles ($3036) per ton The main recommendations for the ...
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Technical feasibility of using Raptor engines for Vulcan rocket

The BE4 and the Raptor use pretty much the same fuel. They deliver very similar thrust, although the BE4 has a significant margin more. The problem is, the entire Vulcan rocket has been designed ...
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Technical feasibility of using Raptor engines for Vulcan rocket

Need to review the number of engines with all of the thrust, throttling, engine runtime, staging timing, payload and structural stress possibilities and implications. Probably needs 3 engines rather ...
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How will the BE-4 engine "Save taxpayer money"?

The 'national security launch costs' refer to launches on Atlas V. The current version uses the Russian RD-180 engine. A few years ago, continued availability of this engine became questionable, and ...
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