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How do you find the propellant mass needed to reach an specified altitude? (altitude at end of burn plus altitude during coast)

How do you find the propellant mass needed to reach an inputted altitude?(altitude at end of burn plus altitude during coast) The first thing you should be considering for any rocket mission is the ...
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Why is the value of the Isp of the Rocketdyne J-2 Saturn V engine in my calculation so off?

You're just mixing up data from different sources. The fact sheet you got the flowrates from also gives a different Isp value, 424. Notice that the thrust given on that same fact sheet is lower than ...
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How I can find the angular orbital velocity of satellite in circle orbit?

per Kepler's third law The ratio of the square of an object's orbital period with the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit is the same for all objects orbiting the same primary. You've specified ...
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GMAT LEO spacecraft simulation

...how do I plug the TLE numbers into the spacecraft section (Keplerian element section specifically) in GMAT...? The following answer will presuppose that you've read through the manual and ...
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How to calculate the optimal mass ratio for a multistage water rocket?

There is not going to be a simple solution here, since the math involves complex details of the construction, the drag of the rocket and details of separation and if goal is optimal build cost, final ...
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