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The cartoon characters are the mascots for the 2022 Winter Olympic games & the Winter Para Olympic games. The panda figure on the left is for the Olympic Games and the red figure of the right is for the Para Olympic Games.


TLDR the main purpose of the grid fins is to steer the spent 1st stage away from populated areas when it's falling to the grond. CZ-4B targets SSO and is mostly launched from T-SLC (Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center). China currently operates 4 SLCs, T(Taiyuan), J(Jiuquan), X(Xichang) and W(Wenchang). While J-SLC launches into the desert and W-SLC into the ...


The characters in the flag appear to be "搜救 回收大队" which Google translate gives as: "Search and rescue recovery brigade" Though I haven't found a direct link to an organization with that flag, all the references point to it being the search and rescue unit of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center References This article describing the ...


The Chinese space station is called the Tiangong ("Heavenly Palace") as seen in this article from the Chinese National Space Administration. The core module that has already launched is called the Tianhe ("Harmony of the Heavens"). The rest of the modules, and details of the space station, can be found here.


Long March, Chinese Chang Zheng, family of Chinese launch vehicles. says Britannica. They were intended for export, a plausible reason for its builders to take the initiative of translating its Chinese name to one more familiar to their markets.


Unfortunately Insight's subsurface thermal probe is not in place so we don't have data from Mars, but what it would look like is at say 50 or 100 cm below the surface the temperature was constant, but closer, within say a few centimeters of the top, the surface temperature would drop every night and rise every day. Rock and especially loose soil is a lousy ...


It is the number of the wheel in morse code. The front right has ..-. (1) and the front left has .-..(2) multiple times on them. Probably used to identify which wheel made which track on the surface. If it was used for measuring distance, you'd need different numbers on the same wheel to indicate its rotation.


A direct insertion into a polar orbit gives you only one option for an orbital plane: one that's initially pointed straight at the Sun. This is sub-optimal for an observation mission, since you're more or less directly over the sunrise/sunset line, and can only see deeply shadowed ground. It will be several months before the planet moves far enough in its ...


Was Queqiao in a halo or Lissajous orbit? It is hard to say which, or even yes or no, because there are so many kinds of Lagrange point orbits possible that can be maintained with a little help from propulsive station keeping, and a specific, definitive answer would require either plenty of orbital tracking data or more information from the spacecraft's ...


A bit dated (2011) article from China Daily states that the launch of Tiangong-3 is planned around 2020-2022, stating that this is information from The China Manned Space Engineering Office. The guardian had an article from around the same time, giving a similar time range. A more recent article from Space Daily states that the plan is not changed. Some ...

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