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Weird 2010s concept for a helicopter/rocket hybrid

It was Rotary Rocket, the prototype vehicle was called the Roton. It's older than you remember, they went out of business in 2000. Their ideas proved ...
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How are those stunning space mission animations and images made?

The JPL and NASA related videos are easier to answer, as they had a very long relationship with the VFX industry and artists. Consider the linked articles:
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Seeking concept art or photo of MAKS on carrier plane

Here you go: and another drawing:
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Seeking concept art or photo of MAKS on carrier plane

There are quite a few drawings in the first link Related development:
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What would the effect be if we placed all of our greenhouse gases on Mars?

The total mass of Earth's atmosphere is about $5.1480 \times 10^{18}$ kg. The carbon dioxide portion of that is about 0.058% by mass. Of that, about 40% is "excess" carbon dioxide, above the pre-...
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Juno possible retirement adjustment

Considering Juno is at the destination of it's planned journey (i.e. Jupiter orbit), it's reasonable to expect that much to most of its propellant have been used already. There are still more, ...
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ARCA Aerospace has announced the EcoRocket Heavy, a wider-than-tall rocket. Has there ever been any other seriously proposed rockets wider than tall?

The Chrysler Corporation's submission for the Shuttle program was pretty close (at least without the optional nose mounted payload). Source: Chrysler’s Radical Space Shuttle Design Was 50 Years Ahead ...
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How many companies are working on creating viable spaceplanes in the near future for human spaceflight(10-20 years)

At this point the only company actively working (at least publicly) on creating a "spaceplane" for human spaceflight is Virgin Galactic (Plane actually made by Scaled Composites). Their SpaceshipTwo ...
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Juno possible retirement adjustment

NASA has spent a lot of money building Juno and getting it to Jupiter in the first place. The spacecraft has been built to survive in the harsh locale, and has sensors and instruments specifically ...
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