Mission Requirements for a spaceplane that are affected by its aerodynamic shape Cross-range capability Gliding range perpendicular to orbital plane on reentry. Otherwise, you have to wait in orbit for the earth to rotate your landing site into alignment with the orbital plane. Flying Qualities How easy the spaceplane is to fly. Landing Speed Safe ...


The straight wing concept was perfectly workable. According to The Space Shuttle Decision, Max Faget preferred the straight wing approach primarily because it would optimize performance in the final subsonic approach-and-landing phase. The straight wing would also provide very little lift in the high-speed, nose-high reentry phase, meaning it would fall very ...


The design looks like it was descended from silbervogel, a German world war II project source The twin tails would have been to maintain control at high angle of attack but it appears the advantages of blunt body shapes for re-entry heating control were not understood giving it straight wings with sharp edges. The possibility of a delta design was only being ...


Yes. The highest inclination orbit with animals I could find are Bion 6, Bion 7 and Bion 9. They orbited at an 82 degree inclination and carried monkeys, rats and newts into space.


Yes, it will only be a few minutes. (Source: blueorigin.com)

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