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One variable not mentioned here is the increasing ∆V of ion thrusters on satellites. On the starling launches 60 satellites all just take off and find their own orbits. The better electric propulsion gets, the less important it will be to lift into exactly the right orbit.


To Answer your question: How many spacecraft deployed from the ISS have escaped Earth orbit? None Are there plans for any in the near future? No A short proof: Public Sat-Catalog here You can search by "International Designator = 1998-067" and filter "On-Orbit" you will get every known object released (intentionally or not) by the ISS an the ISS ...


The key consideration in Kelso's comments is that many of these satellites end up DoA, so you cannot rely on the satellite helping you in any way. Thus we are left with the need for passive methods to identify these dead satellites. The generally proposed concept is to have something on the satellite that makes it brighter to RADAR, such as reflector This ...


First, you will not be able to detumble without at least one sensor. For CubeSats the normal way to detumble is through the B-dot algorithm which measures the magnetic field change and turns on appropriate magnetorquers to slow down the motion. Since you have to measure the magnetic field to begin with, you've already established a rough attitude in two-...

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