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Why is there no difference between a transfer orbit delta-V and a capture orbit delta-V for Earth?

To begin with, you are correct that the perspective of the map is from the Earth's point of view. I also believe that a different map would be needed for people interested in traveling from Mars to ...
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Is it really ~648.69 km/s delta-v to "land" on the surface of the Sun?

"Landing on the Sun" and impacting with the solar surface are two different things. You have to lose a lot of potential energy to "land". Apollo astronauts used thrusters to land ...
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Delta-v to hit the moon: is reaching Lunar L1 enough?

Great answer @BrendanLuke15 ( Here's a simple answer from a Solar System delta-V map (below). Add the two delta-Vs from low Earth orbit (250km) to Moon ...
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How feasible is dragging a 1 km asteroid into Mars orbit? (For All Mankind Spoiler Alert)

These are some of my thoughts. Feel free to correct me! There's almost no chance of perturbing a Jupiter Trojan into an Mars crossing orbit. That requires a Jupiter-Mars transfer orbit (delta-V ~ 2.7 ...
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