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In this answer on Physics stackexchange it is stated that a total of 368 compressor stations along the pipe line should be installed in the case of real gas transport with a given flow velocity of < 10 m/sec. The pressure drop between the compressors would be from 1 bar to about 0,4 bar.


Pipelines two orders of magnitude shorter on Earth are usually divided into many compressor stations. But let's take a look at how feasible it is. At the very least, a compressor station would have to provide a pressure greater than the pressure at the bottom of the pipeline. Fortunately, the pressure calculation needed is unusually simple for a CR3BP ( ...


The method described proposes a propulsive force based on following the gradient of the vacuum energy density. However, I see two problems There is no evidence given in the question showing that a gradient in vacuum energy exists. Even if one did exist (some location has a lower vacuum energy than another location) there is no evidence given in the ...

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