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Here I found some verified and qualified adhesives for space applications and AIT processes.


tl:dr; cropped from large image below (own work). quick bash, can't find actual dimensions, details seem to vary on vehicle as evidenced by nose. 3m box for aeroshell reference human is about 5'9" (1.75m) tall as an average generally articles say 3m, to fit inside heatshield aeroshell. Preliminary studies and modeling contemplate a baseline 450 kg ...


Quick answer, bit short of time atm: What is the pop-up circular disk with spiral pattern in this NASA animation of the Dragonfly helicopter for Titan? Is it a high gain antenna? If so, what kind, how does it work, what band will it use and "who" will it talk to? As you rightfully guessed, it is also mentioned in the answer you linked to: It is a ...

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