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Is there an ultimate break-even point with rocket nozzle length or expansion ratio in a vacuum?

It would take an infinitely long nozzle to drive the exit plane pressure to zero. Real nozzles get cut off for reasons of weight and packaging. Even ignoring that, at some point, the tiny gains from ...
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How to calculate catalyst bed geometry (length/radius) for a monopropellant thruster?

Partial answer - First equation: As A McKelvy states in a comment, using Ru to be the universal gas constant of 8.314 J / mol-K will get you the answer given in the paper. Second equation: Given the ...
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Is there a significant reason why pintle injectors are only used in single configuration?

Although I don't know why single pintle injector configurations are more widely used and presumably preferred, the TR-108 by TRW (Which manufactured the LMDE) used multiple pintle injectors : https://...
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