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After SLS, what is the next rocket building project for NASA?

As a general rule, NASA tries to stay out of the launch business and focus on the science business. SLS is a weird holdover partially imposed upon NASA by Congress. Companies like Rocket Lab, SpaceX, ...
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Is the ESA's DELTA Stochastic?

I think the question in your title and the question posed in your body might have different answers. DELTA itself contains a stochastic process for collision prediction (see page 2) and so is ...
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After SLS, what is the next rocket building project for NASA?

Congress mandated SLS for a range of political reasons largely concerning aerospace jobs. SLS is likely to remain in service while these needs remain and NASA is not at liberty to start any new rocket ...
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ESA: Does the ESA initiate the development of necessary new technologies if it is necessary? Does the ESA create new space missions?

Yes, the European Space Agency (ESA) does design new mission concepts and initiates technology development activities in parallel to support the realisation of those missions. ESA is divided into ...
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