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The other answer notes that many forms of complaining about the budget may constitute illegal lobbying by a civil servant of the Government. Even if it's not actually illegal, for a bureaucrat of a democratic government like the USA, in a political atmosphere that chafes under any increase of taxes or any sense of using tax money to achieve what seem like ...


Many sources. (eg this one) mention the samples orbiting Mars in a "basketball-sized" container until collected by the Earth Return Orbiter. I haven't seen any authoritative ones saying it's also shaped like a basketball.


Check these visualizations from NASA. Solar Orbiter will never get as close as Parker Solar Probe perihelion. That's why it can operate a camera pointed directly into the Sun and why it didn't have to wait for better shielding technology to arrive. The goal is to get the spacecraft (Parker Solar Probe) to fly through the corona at a distance of 9.5 solar ...


Other spacecraft have been closer, but none have carried Sun-facing imagers. Source: The link you provided ("Other spacecraft" is linked to an article about Parker Solar Probe) Q: Or did Parker just not take pics of the Sun yet? A: Yes, or at least not from a distance closer than Solar Orbiter

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