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Confirmed: This was NOT the final design for the Starlink Satellites. The photo below shows a Falcon 9 fairing filled with 60 Starlink satellites that have a decidedly different design. This new desgin allowed SpaceX to flat-pack more in a fairing per launch.


This paper by Dan Adamo states that their fate is unknown. Other Apollo Program hardware certainly accompanied some of the components cited here into interplanetary space. Unfortunately, there are no empirical data relating to these objects' trajectories. Likely the largest such undocumented disposed components are four spacecraft/LM adapter (...


The four pieces of the SLA fairing would follow a similar path as the third stage S-IVB of the Saturn V. The SLA pieces were separated by explosive devices only, so their additional acceleration was very, very small. See apollomaniacs. After Wikipedia, the S-IVB stages of the missions 8 to 12 are in heliocentric orbits now and of the missions 13 to 17 were ...

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