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Somebody on reddit did an excellent chart of the Falcon 9's landing accuracy: [source] While these landing positions are probably just approximate, I think it is reasonable to assume that the answer to the question is: yes, Falcon 9 and Heavy boosters need landing legs because they cannot land back onto their launch mounts.


It was a leak in one of the fuel tubes Initial data reviews indicated that the anomaly occurred approximately 100 milliseconds prior to ignition of Crew Dragon’s eight SuperDraco thrusters and during pressurization of the vehicle’s propulsion systems. Evidence shows that a leaking component allowed liquid oxidizer – nitrogen tetroxide (NTO) – to enter ...


If you're trying to preserve the stage dimensions of the Falcon 9, like if you want to maintain as much of the existing tooling as possible, then you definitely won't want a 9+1 Raptor configuration. Methane is substantially less dense than kerosene, so you'll get less propellant mass in a stage of the same size -- you'll end up with a very overpowered ...

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