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What's the theoretical dV of the SNAP-10A satellite?

TL;DR: I'd estimate that SNAP10A had about 3200 m/s of $\Delta{v}$, limited by the amount of ion-engine fuel aboard, which would have run out in about a month. Let's do some calculations: Specific ...
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Are there any video/audio recordings of the launch of sputnik 1?

In general, enter “sputnik 1 launch” and “sputnik 1 sound” into YouTube. A lot of materials.
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Did anything specific (and interesting) happen on the 16 or 22 March 1992 passes of a Lacrosse I surveillance satellite over Tehran?

Not really TL;DR: The quoted part was from a subheading of: Earth-based Attacks on Satellites So the article was related to Earth based attacks against satellites. It was a hypothetical situation in ...
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