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Yes, the ISS was a busy place recently. As you probably remember Cygnus had to wait for a week to proceed with its rendezvous to let Soyuz dock first. We can consider that a traffic jam in orbit. :-) The current Russian plans include docking MLM Nauka after deorbiting Pirs. And a bit later to add a spherical Uzlovoy Module (i.e. Hub Module or Nodal Module). ...


Horsh answered for the Russian side of the station very. But the question was more about the US side of the station. The US side of the station does need more ports. It looks like a fair bit of reconfiguration will be performed of the current modules to free up spots. (Edit: Early 2016 this reconfiguration was complete. CRS-7 with IDA-1 was lost on launch. ...


It's all covered by a payload fairing that isn't flush with the body of the spacecraft. A picture is worth a thousand words:


The Robotic External Leak Locators (RELL), which are mounted to the Special Purpose Dextrous Manipulator (SPDM) and then moved by the Space Station Remote Manipulator System, are stored inside. So if they need to be used, the crew must go EVA to mount them on the SPDM and then return them inside when the task is complete. A "RELL garage" has been built and ...


It mounts on the hatch/CBM interface. source

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