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Launch table: That thing on which the SuperHeavy booster will stand for launching. In turn, the launch table will be on top of the orbital launch mount, this thing: Image from RGV Aerial photography Which together make this thing on the right under that SuperHeavy booster: Image courtesy of Alamy, if you want it without watermarks you know where to buy it. ...


It's the Project Mercury / Mercury Seven emblem. The astronauts went under the name Mercury Seven, and the program design includes the number seven. The symbol represented around the seven is the astronomical symbol for the planet Mercury, and the medieval sign for the element mercury as well. It consists of the biological sign for female, topped with “...


This is a raceway which houses wiring and plumbing for the systems since you can't run them through the tanks as the walls are so thin, the Falcon 9 has this as well.

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