Other than the Star Trek one, these images are of the controls of the JPL 25-foot space simulator. This was built in 1961 which is why it looks like it does. It is still in use, and Ingenuity, for instance, was tested in this. Here is a blog post from someone who visited it: you can see an image of part of the control panel there. I'm afraid I don't know ...


You have come up with a good list of possibilities. Some see this as relatively straightforward, including me, though manufacturer marketing may cloud the issue. Any kind of electrical augmentation, such as resistor jets or hydrazine arcjets, should count as electric propulsion because the satellite manufacturer has to factor in the power needed over and ...


I think the term is used like it is with automobiles. According to Wikipedia's hybrid electric vehicle page they don't have to operate together to be a hybrid (at least for autos). I would think that keeping the trusty R-4D, see Wikipedia's "Used In", adds the some all important reliability to the system.

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