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To enjoy the greatest advantage from the Earth's rotation, you want two things: Launch from as close to the equator as possible. Launch as close to directly east as possible. The first part is fairly simple. The rotational velocity is proportional to $\cos(latitude)$, so the Guiana Space Centre gets over 99% of the effect, Kennedy Space Centre around 88%, ...


Here are some results of me playing with a map and ground tracks. I took a plot of ISS ground tracks and overlaid it onto the most detailed map of time zones from Wikipedia. First and foremost, time zones are weird. Even if we take "regular" time zones only and don't look at any of the political decisions, Earth has 25 time zones from UTC+12 to UTC-...


At least on the US side of the ISS, there is one processor for all, the Urine Processor Assembly. Source: (see link for acronymology)


Thank you to David Hammen: The Velocity of Spacex's Livestream telemetry data is described by ECEF coordinates (earth-centered, earth-fixed). ECEF Wikipedia The equation for orbital velocity used above is valid only for ECI coordinates. ECEF coordinates are used preferrably in Satellite navigation, because it offers precise values without having to choose a ...


According to this schedual, the quest airlock does require maintenance. "Airlock Cooling Loop Flush" Not sure what an "Airlock Cooling Loop Flush" is but a google search reveals it has been done multiple times in the past.

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