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Were Hasselblad cameras used in space after the Apollo mission?

The STS-61 Post Flight Presentation mentions that a Hasselblad was used outside the cabin during a spacewalk. The speaker talks about this at 12:50 along with some trivia: "nobody had ever taken ...
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Why is the ISS camera (nearly) always off when passing over/near French Southern and Antarctic Lands / FSAL well south of India?

Short answer The reason is because of where they are located. FSAL resides in/near the TDRSS Zone of Exclusion, illustrated by the notation ZOE in the map below, bordered by the yellow line on the ...
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Orbit design guidelines for rendezvous with ISS?

Are there any constraints I can use to properly choose the values for these parameters? Two key constraints are the approach ellipsoid and the keep-out sphere. Most vehicles have additional ...
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