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Will ISS astronauts be able to observe the 2024 solar eclipse?

Yes, and No. They saw the eclipse's shadow on Earth's surface: From NASA's Station Orbits into Eclipse, Crew Works Research and Spacesuits: The Moon's shadow, or umbra, on Earth was visible from the ...
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Why didn't Crew 8 launch to an elliptical orbit with an apogee closer to the altitude of the space station?

During SpaceX's CRS-30 broadcast, at T+00:15:30, mission control in Houston provided some information that helps to explain the typical mission profile. The activation and rendezvous phase of the ...
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Is this line in the SpaceX livestream engine exhaust?

At T+2:50 it's particularly apparent from the motion of the mark in question against the limb of the Earth that the mark is fixed to the camera lens. It's a smudge or scratch.
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How long does it take for the ISS astronauts to isolate a module

NASA allocates thirty seconds for actual hatch closure. The maximum required module isolation time is 3 minutes, which includes crew response time, removing any stowage blocking the hatch, and/or ...
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