Questions related to a popular space game. USE WITH CARE! Try to ask questions that can be applied to reality and not be game-specific.

Kerbal Space Program, often abbreviated to KSP, is a simulator game, aimed to give a realistic representation of orbital mechanics and spacecraft design. It uses a patched conics approach to simulate orbits, and operates in a scaled down solar system, however a great variety of mods are available to change that behaviour.

Game play consist of designing spacecraft from a set of parts, and launching them and navigate them through space. The game has no progressing storyline, and is mostly a sandbox, though there are modes where you visits different locations in order to gain "science", which is used to get access to more parts. Playing with a budget and contracts is also possible.

This game is relevant for this community, because it can often spark interesting questions about unusual kinds of space navigation, typically in the form of: "This is possible in KSP, can it be done in reality too?".

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