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What is the heaviest object to have been returned to Earth with a parachute?

While it may not be a literal answer to the body of your question, I suspect that the Space Shuttle boosters may be what you're looking for.
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Can Starship land on the moon horizontally?

Bad idea. Vehicles launch and land vertically due to the incredible strength of vertically oriented thin wall cylinders. An empty thin walled aluminum beverage can can readily support the weight of a ...
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Has there ever been an attempt or serious consideration for spacecraft to land on Mars without an ablative-type heat shield?

All successful and attempted landings on Mars to date have used ablative heat shields. NASA shields have all been variants of phenolic impregnated carbon, sometimes with and oxide coating. The ESA ...
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How far off did Apollo 11 land?

Based on the maps and the numbers, here's my best estimate of the answer. Using this high-resolution map of the target ellipses, the near precise map coordinates to the landing site are J 6.5 (left to ...
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Starship maintaining tank pressure during reentry and landing

1 Assuming that there are residual propellants: When Starship re-enters most of the energy of re-entry will be absorbed or deflected by the tiles. Some heat will be absorbed into the tank, however as ...
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