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When chopsticks catch the booster by the grid fins, what is the maximum vertical speed?

The vehicle is Not caught by the grid fins, there are catch points just below the fins for this purpose, my understanding is velocity will be virtually Zero as the vehicles can/will hover into ...
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What caused the falcon booster landing failure during the CRS-16 mission?

The Falcon 9 booster landing failure during the CRS-16 mission was caused by a grid fin hydraulic pump stall. The grid fins are used to steer the Falcon 9 booster during its descent back to Earth for ...
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Falcon 9: how much fuel is left on a booster after stage separation?

EDIT: I just realized that Elon Musk has repeatedly quoted 30% as the land landing value. That is almost certainly correct, meaning that Method 2 is probably correct. Intro I was actually going to ask ...

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