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How can you make a rocket quieter?

According to, jet noise in aircraft is due to shear “turbulence pulsation formed by the rapid mixing of the high-speed air jet from the nozzle and the ...
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Why did the maiden flight of H3 fail?

It's a bit premature to ask why a launch vehicle failed just a few days after the failure occurred. In this case, the second stage engine apparently failed to ignite. What caused that failure may not ...
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Why do the Falcon 9 fairings have soot on them?

SpaceX has released video of the fairings being released and falling through the second-stage plume (this link goes to a Scott Manley video that contains the footage; I'm not quickly finding the ...
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How can you make a rocket quieter?

The main way to reduce the noise generated would be to reduce the chamber pressure of the rocket engines and/or increase the size of the engine bell. Sadly both greatly reduce surface level thrust, so ...
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