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Powered Explicit Guidance: Should rocket be pitching down at orbital insertion?

This is a result of having low TWR on the orbital insertion stage, typically a characteristic of hydrolox. If you watch ULA streams, you'll see the DCSS & Centaur both do this as well. Basically, ...
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Has a rocket from a torpedo tube ever reached space?

Certainly not to Orbit The smallest rocket to deliver a payload to orbit is a Japanese sounding rocket that is 9.7 meters tall. The US heavy-weight torpedo (Mk. 48 ADCAP) is 5.8m and the Russia heavy-...
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Orbit design guidelines for rendezvous with ISS?

Are there any constraints I can use to properly choose the values for these parameters? Two key constraints are the approach ellipsoid and the keep-out sphere. Most vehicles have additional ...
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