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Buzz Aldrin is against the Artemis Program because it would be expensive as the SLS is not reusable (similar to the Apollo program and the Saturn V) and a single launch can cost up to 1.5 billion USD. Instead he proposes a different plan, the T.O.R.(TransWay Orbit Rendezvous). The first two passages can be found in the article @uhoh linked. At least Orion ...


Yes. "If you're very lucky with darkness and timing, you can sometimes just barely see fireworks from space. Happy 4th of July!" -- ISS Commander Chris Hadfield.


As you would expect there are a lot of factors that go into deciding which LEO orbit is most suitable for a satellite. I'm going to describe the case of a single satellite here but it's worth noting that constellations of multiple satellites get even more complicated again. Taking the GPS constellation for example, the orbit planes, phasing and height were ...

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