The Lunar Module was part of the Apollo program spacecraft package. It rode into orbit beneath the Command Module and required extraction once there. It consisted of a descent stage (which remained on the Moon after landing) and an ascent stage (to take astronauts back into orbit). Use with the [apollo-program] tag any any appropriate mission tags.

Apollo 16 Lunar Module

The Lunar Module is a spacecraft designed by , as part of its to land on the . 10 were sent into space (3 on trial missions and did not land on the moon), and 6 successfully landed on the moon.

The Lunar Module sat beneath the Command Module on the rocket. Once in orbit, the Command Module would separate, then turn around and maneuver back to dock with the Lunar Module and extract it.

It consists of a descent module (the brass-colored lower part with landing struts) and an ascent module (the upper part). To save weight on ascent, only the ascent module would leave, The 6 descent modules still remain on the Moon to this day.