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Will the HiRes camera of the Chinese orbiter be capable of seeing the shadows of the landers and rovers on Mars?

Will the HiRes camera of the Chinese orbiter be capable of seeing the shadows of the US landers and rovers on Mars? tl;dr: Yes it can, IF it passes over one of them, and at the right time of day for ...
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Is secure communication in space important?

This question is not actually related to space, except insofar as comms in space could be picked up from anywhere on Earth (as opposed to surface comms which may be limited to line of sight or short ...
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Is there any central world organization which authenticate achievement of various space agencies missions?

No. Some spaceflight records are authenticated by the FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) under its sub-body FAI Astronautic Records Commission but these are generally highest/longest/...
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Methane detection on Mars by MOM?

I think they had an issue with the methane sensor. From India's Mars Orbiter Mission Has a Methane Problem: The problem has to do with how the instrument collects and processes detections of methane ...
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Is secure communication in space important?

It isn't as important as you would think, unless you are doing military type stuff. Here's a list of things that you would need to know to uplink to the satellite: The frequency (Fairly easy) ...
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Is there any live classes for learning about Mars and Universe by professionals?

I'm not aware of any structured courses for a 10 year old, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In the meantime I would recommend your son watch good quality documentaries, such as those produced ...
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Earth->Mars: Porkchop, departure burn and orbit inclination

In addition to the C3 for any given pair of departure and arrival dates, you will also need to know the departure declination for that pair. (The Lambert solver you are using must be generating that ...
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Why should space probes have to orbit the Earth before being launched at other planets?

The New Horizons probe, if I read the Wikipedia article correctly, did not stay in its parking orbit for a full orbit. Less than 45 minutes after launch, it was already on its solar escape trajectory. ...
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