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Note that this applies only to the U.S. section of the ISS. There are 3 different types of MDMs used on the ISS. Tier 1: Top level control. These are inside the ISS and they have 3 on board, but only one is active. Tier 2: There are 5 different types of these, only one is external to the ISS... it is called the EXT MDM. There are 2 of every tier 2 MDM, ...


At least two from the perspective of CPU. The "Enhanced MDMs" have a better CPU and better memory than do the "Standard MDMs". There are at least four from the perspective of structure. The MDMs have cards that talk to the 1553 bus and to various "dumb" devices that don't use the 1553 bus for communication. How many cards? The standard MDMs come in three ...

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