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Yes you can, here's a screencap from the online Google Luna Chart. But it is much easier to find in Google Earth, which shows coordinates, and nice guide flags for interesting locations, etc.


I'll start with what COSPAR wrote in 1964, emphasis mine: COSPAR "accepts, as tentatively recommended interim objectives, a sterilization level such that the probability of a single viable organism aboard any spacecraft intended for planetary landing or atmospheric penetration would be less than $1\times10^{-4}$, and a probability limit for accidental ...


Could the ascent stage of Apollo 11's Eagle still orbit the Moon? Yes, it seems possible. Starting around minute 6 of the video frozen orbits are discussed, and some example GMAT simulations are run to explain how lunar orbits can be simulated including up to order 160 in the Moon's gravitational spherical harmonics, which have been very accurately mapped ...


The accepted answer covers the key question, but just to answer the two subsidiary ones as well: Was the LM able to communicate without humans in it? Yes. See this series of comments in the Apollo 11 flight journal, starting about 45 minutes after LM separation: 130:57:08 Duke: Hello, Apollo 11. Houston. Coming up to about 4:30 LOS. You're looking great ...


All raw images from both Perseverance and Ingenuity are here:

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