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The costs of a single SLS solid fuel rocket booster

The difficulty is that rockets are not made of Lego, you can't just bolt on an extra couple of rocket motors and expect nothing to change. It would be a bit like trying to bolt on an extra set of ...
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The costs of a single SLS solid fuel rocket booster

Yet another “why don’t we just graft X to Y?” notion. You don’t work in systems engineering… or validation/compliance, flight-like testing, safety/quality, project management (scheduling/budgeting), ...
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Why use a fetch copter instead of a fetch rover?

I'm trying to find good primary sources, but a lot of the QA on the site support reasons already. See, for example, Why should the Mars 2020 rover drop drilled cores along its route to be picked up ...
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What is the point of the Artemis program when we had Apollo?

Apollo landing sites did not include some interesting places at poles and another side of the Moon where it may be caves suitable for colonization and also some water ice. Such places are more ...
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Why is the American space program launch site based in Florida and not closer to the equator?

There are a number of reasons for this, and as is often the case, it is the result of a trade-off. Some of the factors that were included in the trade-off: The launch site should allow launching to ...
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