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In the reference frame of the engine, which is moving with the vehicle, the engine is always accelerating the vehicle from zero speed, because there is no relative motion between the engine and the vehicle. Looking at it this way helps me.


[ This is going to be a draft answer as I learn more and get more time to fill it out and edit with symbolic math -- right now its going to be super rough and this answer will evolve a lot over time ] Basic Simplified Problem The generic problem is to take a spacecraft from a set of initial conditions $\vec{r}(0), \vec{v}(0), m(0)$ to a set of terminal ...


I'm afraid that your whole approach is wrong due to starting with contradictory assumptions. If the two bodies are connected by a rigid tether, then in general, they will not move in circular orbits, since in addition to Earth's gravity, forces from the tether will act on them. (As uhoh pointed out, there are some configuration where the bodies do move in ...


Despite watching a few times it looks like I linked the use of the term "capture" at this point in the video with the use of the term "capture" at 08:20 in the video. But that's about the mechanical capture of Snoopy during a docking maneuver and this is about the gravitational capture of the combined pair in the Earth's gravitational field. What Manley is ...


Good question, I’m also interested if someone has a more specific answer to share! On the following table, you can find the required delta-v per year for different orbits. And about formula, I'm not sure but maybe this page can give you an idea:

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