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Does an interplanetary trajectory exist to escape the Solar System and impact the Sun "simultaneously"?

I did a search for Earth-Jupiter-Sun trajectories launching in the next 3 years or so (1200 days from 01-Jan-2024). Filtered to a $C3 < 150$ $km^2/s^2$ & a viable flyby at Jupiter (flyby close ...
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Could Kessler Syndrome be used to control the temperature of the Earth?

Yes, but not in any sensible manner. Space mirrors could certainly work to manage Earth temperature, the issue is that to do meaningful amounts they need to re-direct a reasonable % of the light ...
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Could Kessler Syndrome be used to control the temperature of the Earth?

Let's assume that your question can be restated as: Can we control the temperature of the planet by initiating Kessler Syndrome? In this case, the answer is "No". Control is a means of ...
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Whats the time dependency of r and angle in Hohmann transfer?

Given the position (true anomaly) you can calculate time from perihelion as Bates shows. Unfortunately, the equation cannot be inverted. As a practical matter, choose several true anomalies from 0 to $...
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Calculating downrange and crossrange distance and velocity relative to a surface point

I've only glanced at the D'Souza paper, but my understanding is that the dynamics there are all Cartesian, so you're trying to move from knowing where you are above a sphere to that. I'm going to try ...
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Is it possible to easily change the inclination when using momentum exchange tethers?

One option is to do the inclination change at a high apoapsis. For a full space elevator, it is comparatively easy to extend the counterweight side of the tether far enough out that releasing a ...
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NASA GMAT: Any good tutorials or methods to learn how to use patch points and control points to come up with viable and optimal trajectories?

I definitely agree with you that the Lunar Flyby example isn't very helpful, as they seeded the script to converge pretty quickly, which isn't very helpful for users trying to get started with ...
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