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Rover vs pathfinder vs lander?

NASA has helpfully provided a list of spacecraft classifications which covers these terms (and more.) Rover: a vehicle. There have been 4 rovers on Mars: Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. ...
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Why did Mars Pathfinder have such a high atmospheric entry velocity?

Answer From my experience launch and arrival characteristics (velocities) are not strongly correlated for a given launch window, though I don't know why. You may have heard of 'Pork Chop Plots' to ...
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What is/was the IMP team? (related to Mars Pathfinder)

From the Wayback Machine archive of your first link, IMP refers to Imager for Mars Pathfinder, or the lander camera from Mars Pathfinder. The team was mainly based at University of Arizona Lunar and ...
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Why was the "Presidential Panorama of Mars" called presidential?

Some additional information found, but no conclusive answer reached. This image was in fact also The Astronomy Picture of the Day for 1997 July 22 The Pathfinder website also calls it the "gallery" ...
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