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Into what non-navigable Pacific Ocean area did structural elements of the Progress MS16 cargo ship & Pirs module fall? Are there maps of these areas?

The usual spacecraft cemetery, known more formally as the South Pacific Ocean Uninhabited Area. Wikipedia puts the general location at 43°34′48″S 142°43′12″W, and Roscosmos stated: At 14:42 UTC, [MS-...
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What are these two devices extending from each end of the Progress MS16 cargo ship's solar panels?

Peering at pictures of earlier Progress flights, these features were visible on MS-01 (62P) but not on M-28M (60P) which just has a couple of metal "pegs" instead. So it looks like an MS-...
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What capacity will be lost by deorbiting Pirs

The DC-1 module (PR name Pirs) provides a crew airlock and a docking port. The MLM module (PR name Nauka) will not provide a crew airlock. It will provide a scientific airlock along with many other ...
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