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How is the pressure within the gas generator determined?

"If the pressure in the combustion chamber has to be exceeded by the pressure provided by the pumps, is it also exceeded by the pressure in the gas generator. " Just to be clear, there's no &...
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using Tesla turbines to pump rocket fuel

Do not have the maths skills to generate an example rocket engine turbine/pump system from first principles but the Wikipedia page indicates that efficient operation both as a pump and a turbine ...
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Where is the gas generator on the RS-68?

It's physically mounted between the turbopumps. Its exhaust passes through the turbines and then overboard. Source: Propulsion for the 21st Century - RS68
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Combination of fuel cells and electric motors - whether it has been used as part of an electric pump-fed engines?

Partial answer. At least not for a main engine for an orbital rocket, as the Rutherford engine is currently the only such engine using an electric pump. And it uses batteries. However, conclusively ...
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Theoretical viability of a liquid rocket engine concept

The advantage of the hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide combination is they are both hypergolic - i.e. unite on contact - and can be stored as liquids at room temperature. That means the rocket engines ...
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