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We assume a transmitter with 20 W on one side and a receiving antenna with 3 m diameter on the other side. When we increase the power from 20 W to 200 W, we have 10 times more power. We may reduce the area of the antenna to 1/10 and its diameter to 1/sqrt(10). Instead of 3 m we may use now 0.95 m. We need 2 KW instead of 20 W to reduce the diameter by 1/...


Yes, part of NASA's function is public outreach. As such they will use units such as "Aircraft Carriers$^1$" "School Buses$^2$" and "horsepower$^3$" While not precise, expressing thrust in terms of horsepower notionally allows people to understand it more. 1: [...] horsepower [...] 2: [...] horsepower [...] 3: [...] horsepower [...]

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