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Is this ginormous porthole a permanent feature of the ISS or "just passing through"?

It's on one of the Russian modules of the ISS, that's why it's a ginormous Russian porthole. Since the porthole is facing Earth, I'd say yes, it's also facing the same general direction as the cupola,...
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Is Blue Origin redundant?

Blue Origin and SpaceX have two very different goals. They also have very different development philosophies. Blue Origin's goal is to move loud, polluting, dirty, and otherwise undesirable heavy ...
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What is this huge, red, blinking light structure on Earth seen from the ISS in this video?

Update: After quite a lot of searching I believe I've found the culprits! As suggested in the comments, they appear to be a series of very large power lines around the city of Zalantun in Northwest ...
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Is Blue Origin redundant?

Is Blue Origin redundant? That's the intent. Both NASA and the Department of Defense want multiple providers for their launch systems. When there's only one provider for a given item, that one ...
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Was TORU really used on Salyut space stations

An answer of two parts, part one: From what I have seen, is the only site to include Salyut in the list of stations with TORU installed on it. And I do believe ...
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Where did Soyuz and Progress dock with Mir?

There has been a book on the topic I can not seem to find from my memory. However in searching I found a good resource, in the PDF at NASA called Mir Heritage.
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What are these two devices extending from each end of the Progress MS16 cargo ship's solar panels?

Peering at pictures of earlier Progress flights, these features were visible on MS-01 (62P) but not on M-28M (60P) which just has a couple of metal "pegs" instead. So it looks like an MS-...
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How is the docking hatch on the Progress/ATV opened?

After doing some further research in the NASA photo archives I discovered the hatch actuator is actually a round socket containing a square peg mounted near the collar of the docking mechanism. This ...
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How similar are Soyuz and Progress?

The two photographs you have posted show that the Soyuz middle section is longer than the corresponding re-entry module of Soyuz. You can also see the differences between the Soyuz and Progress here ...
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Progress-MS01 docking incident

You can read detailed accounts of the event e.g. on and During a manual docking exercise, the spacecraft pitched while already in contact with the docking port,...
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Was the Progress spacecraft named after the research facility, or vice versa?

Following the trail back in time, Progress Rocket Space Centre -> TsSKB-Progress -> Progress plant, named by the Ministry of General Machine-building in 1965. As that's before the spacecraft (...
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What is this huge, red, blinking light structure on Earth seen from the ISS in this video?

I was asking myself the same question. My guess is: it could be a street illuminated with LED street lights, and the flicker is an artefact caused by the 50 Hz A/C mains current to power the LEDs and ...
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